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D & M Technology

Air Compressors

We specialize in a variety of compressors, such as medium pressure compressors, high pressure air compressors, piston air compressors, screw air compressors, oil free air compressors, and more. Flawlessly designed, these products are characterized by low heat dissipation, low noise, and good abrasion resistance. They are also energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Xinran products are widely used in industries as varied as: electrical power, textiles, steel, food production, pharmaceutical, diving, fire prevention, mining, automobile, packing, printing, toy manufacturing, chemical, energy development, glass, environmental protection, hardware, ships, weapon manufacturing, and other industries. In addition to air compressors, we also offer other products, such as crawler rigs, air dryers, air filters, oil water separators, air receivers, and many more.

ALMiG produces the most comprehensive range of screw compressors you'll find anywhere. Thanks to the smart modular system, around 80-90 % of all compressor components in a particular kW class are the same and the customer can choose from a range of drive systems. ALMiG therefore always has the right drive concept for any application. ALMiG screw compressors are synonymous with outstanding reliability and operational safety in continuous operation and also minimize your operating costs.

Separating System is Top Compressed air quality thanks to proven multi-stage separation. Air Control is intelligence of the compressor; thinks, monitors, records can be connected to the internet, making all conceivable communication possible. Drive System is Highly efficient, operationally reliable V-belt drive. Air End is High Performance, excellent efficiency. Cooling Unit is Large Surface-area coolers for lowest compressed air outlet temperatures and optimum thermostat-controlled coolant temperatures. Fan is Powerful, efficient, high-performance. Drive Motor Robust drive motor designed with reserves.


We supply a full range of pneumatic products including air preparation equipment (FRL), pneumatic cylinders, grippers, rotary actuators, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, mechanical valves, manual valves, fittings, air tube and so on.

Air Tool

D&M is a professional pneumatic tool supplier withvery good experiences. We introduce high quality pneumatic tool products and accessories for a professional range of applications including industrial and automotive market. All our pneumatic tools are fully up for international standards.